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An essential part to the implementation of any Supplemental Benefits Plan is the "Enrollment Process". By working with Access Benefit Consultants, Inc. the Broker/Agent/Consultant have all the key ingredients at hand to facilitate a successful enrollment.

ABC, Inc. uses well trained, per-diem enrollers, that have the CES (Certified Enrollment Specialist) designation. This training is designed to help enrollment specialists understand the proper concepts and techniques used for enrolling. The C.E.S. enroller coupled with "Per-diem Enrollers" assures the client and the broker/agent/consultant of a "Non-pressure enrollment", (most carriers today utilize enrollers that are on a commissioned basis- adding unneeded pressure to the Enrollment process)

Enrollments can be done with:

  • Traditional paper enrollment, with enrollment election information, to optimize the communication and ease the enrollment process.
  • Computer enrollment
  • Coordinate and handle employee meetings
  • Communicate new and existing benefits
  • Provide enrollment coordination and customer service support for the enrollment on a local - regional - and national basis.
  • Per-diem enrollers- to eliminate high-pressure enrollments!
  • A group format, one-on-one, or with "state of the art technology" - (such as on-line enrollment)
  • Training can be provided for the broker that desires to do his or her own enrollment- (proven methods and tips for success).

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